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Don’t miss the Salt Lake City Investment Survival Workshops

We’re excited to announce the  next Investment Survival Workshop.  This is a great time to join us or forward this invite to someone who could benefit from this 90 minute free workshop.  No products or services are sold at these events.


Please join us either:

Tuesday, May 7th  12:00 noon Spencer’s Steakhouse   

255 S. West Temple – parking validated


Thursday, May 9th  6p.m. Market Street Grill – S. Jordan

10702 South River Front Parkway


This workshop is the most informative investment experience you’ll likely have all year.  It’s truly a learning environment as no products or services are being sold.


Mr. Sax is one of the top ranked long-short equity fund managers accordingly to Barclay Hedge, a leading data provider of alternative investments. Some of the topics that will be discussed are mentioned below.



Seating is limited, click “Learn More“, call 435.658.1934 or email


 Hope to see you there!





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Seating is limited to only 1 event per attendee and upto 2 persons per party


You’re Invited To Our Free



According to the Federal Reserve, the average family has lost 40% of their net worth since 2007.  The Investment Survival Workshop is a highly regarded instructional presentation that shows you concrete and immediate steps that could dramatically improve your investment outcome.  This is completely free for a limited time.  Come join us in person for 90 minutes that promises to be the best return on your investment all year.




Where $18 Trillion in Retirement Assests will go


The average pension plan has unrealistic assumptions about its investment returns. In order to meet retiree obligations, the average plan has assumed an 8% return on investments. It will be impossible to achieve these objectives in a near zero interest rate environment without a massive rethinking of where and how to invest.

Learn how Insiders beat the Market


You’ve often heard the expression, ‘he’s got inside information.”.  Did you every wish you could get inside information?  Surprisingly many people don’t know that this kind of information is legal and free.  If the people that know the company the best are not willing to buy at today’s prices, why are you?









Our recently published book the

Investment Survival Guide by Harvey Sax


Contact information

David Irwin at

or 435.658.1934


All investments involve risk, including the loss of principal. This is neither a solicitation nor offer to sell any security. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. An offer can only be made through the Fund’s Private PlacementMemorandum.

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Why Most Managers Fail to Beat the Market


Most people don’t beat the market. It’s always been amazing to me that professional managers, with all the staff, analysts, and resources in the world fail to outperform their benchmark indices. The majority of these professional managers don’t even beat a passive index fund.  62% of large-cap fund managers over the last 5 years failed to meet their benchmark index.  90% of managers of emerging markets fail to meet the benchmark index.


Create a Six-figure Income without Buying a Stock


One of our favorite strategies is naked put selling.  When we can’t find anything to buy at prices we like we may sell puts on stocks we would be willing to buy if they fell back to a level we were comfortable with.  If we get put the stock, we are no worse off than had we bought it at that price.  If we don’t’ get put the stock, we captured a nice premium and go our merry way.

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