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Update on where the insiders are buying now $ABT,$MDT,$EW,$AGN

It was  a week ago that we blogged about 4 medical stocks that insiders were buying that looked particularly  appealing to us.  We were heavily invested in these names with our largest position in Abbott Laboratories.  Listening to the Republican leadership on Capital Hill addressing how they planned on dismantling Obamacare and substituting it with something cheaper and with more choice, enforced just how clueless they were on making substantive changes to the healthcare industry.  Besides this is the largest segment of the economy  and one that has very well paid lobbyists.  I just can’t see this Republican congress and White House hurting these stocks in the near term when they don’t even have a plan to replace Obamacare. For now we are staying the course with our heaviest weighting in ABT and MDT as we have taken profits earlier in EW and AGN who have made even bigger moves from their near term bottoms.  I am concerned about the skyrocketing dollar though and we should hear a lot more about this at JP Morgan Healthcare conference next week.

12/30/2016 1/6/2017 %Chng
MDT 71.23 72.7 2.1%
EW 93.7 97.07 3.6%
AGN 210.01 219.1 4.3%
ABT 38.41 40.78 6.2%
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