Dominion Resources (D), the giant Mid Atlantic electric utility, gas transmission, and energy marketing company has had persistent insider buying.  Now it’s got two back to back monster volume days.  I always say listen to the market, it’s got something to tell you.  In this case, it’s telling me Dominion is about to blow up.  There was an announcement of interest in long-term contracts for natural gas LNG export at its Point Cove facility.  Not sure why this is huge news.  It’s obviously easy to arbitrage natural gas out of this country as the price is many times higher overseas.  Besides El Paso,  no one else is better positioned.  Is this what the volume is about?  Or is D about to do an MLP spin-off of some of its midstream business? Or maybe the entire LNG export business?

D is the kind of bet I like to bet big on.  Limited downside and who knows the upside.  Could be big.  And the 4% plus dividend ex date is fast approaching.