This article got me thinking about just how good a value Microsoft is.  I don’t need Business Insider telling me that but Henry Blodget is the man on fire today, on the cover of the WSJ, and he’s telling you Microsoft is one healthy company.  And grossly undervalued.  We just bought it near $30.94 and think its worth at least $54.  One thing most analysts are not talking about is now that Steve Jobs is gone, everyone else has a chance.  Apple has been eating everyone’s lunch but without Jobs its definitely a fairer match.  

Microsoft has its work cut out, no doubt.  But we just bought it after the last quarter impressed with the fact they grew revenues in the worst economy since the Great Depression with the largest company in the world eating their lunch.  Not too shabby of a business.



from Business Insider on of our favorite blogs.

Microsofts Enterprise Software Business Is Way Bigger Than Windows And Extremely HealthyJulie Bort | Jul. 19, 2012, 6:14 PM | 1,853 | 10inShare8 EmailMoreA A ADell/FlickrMSFTJul 30 05:20PM29.61 Change-0.14 % Change-0.49%See AlsoMicrosoft Posts Strong Earnings, But Just Misses On RevenueWhat The Yammer Acquisition Says About Microsoft – And Enterprise Social NetworkingThe Next 25 Big Enterprise StartupsDespite all the attention given to Microsofts consumer products like Xbox, Bing, and Windows Phone, the companys real moneymaking engine are its varied lines of enterprise software.And those businesses are booming.

via Microsofts Enterprise Software Is Way Bigger Than Windows And Extremely Healthy – Business Insider.