Harvey Sax’s The Insiders Fund generates one-year returns of 33.02% net of fees


PARK CITY, UT, August 2, 2017 – A small hedge fund based in Park City, Utah is gaining worldwide recognition for generating record breaking returns through its use of insider information. The Insiders Fund, managed by veteran investor Harvey Sax, has generated one-year returns of 33.02% net of all fees. That performance ranks the Fund amongst the top 10 “Long/Short” hedge funds in the world.


“Everyone knows the best stock market information is inside information,” says Harvey Sax, portfolio manager of The Insiders Fund. “It’s common sense that no one knows a business and its prospects better than the people running it.”


“Most people think that trading on insider information is illegal, but they are simply wrong,” explains Sax. “The SEC mandates that all officers, directors and 10% shareholders of a company must file a Form 4 within 48 hours after they buy or sell. As a former CEO of a publicly traded company, I can tell you the information that can be discovered on these forms is more valuable than gold.”


“Our investors are obviously ecstatic with our performance, but more importantly, they are very comfortable with our investing strategy,” added Sax. “They understand looking at a company’s past performance, and charts may help you guess what the future brings. But guessing just doesn’t compare to following the investment decisions of the people on the inside who know the company best. And our superior recent returns clearly prove this out.”


The Insiders Fund has just completed its 7th year anniversary. For information, call  Harvey Sax at 435-658-1934 or email hsax@TheInsidersFund.com