CEO Ianchulev purchase of microcap Eyenovia merits a closer look. This was part of a spot 4.38 M share spot secondary at $2.78. Eyenovia is marketing a high tech eyedropper.  The 100-year-old eyedropper could be disrupted by Eyenovia. Buyer beware though, it’s easy to get in but not so easy to get out of this low volume late-stage money-losing biotech.

Health Equity insiders score big by scooping up 10,000 shares each on secondary. Unfortunately, there was no way to act on this until the 15th SEC filing after the stock had risen 10 points. Insiders are required to file within 48 hours of transactions and this seems to violate that rule. We wouldn’t buy it up 18 points.

HealthEquity, Inc.(HQY) bills themselves as the nation’s largest independent health savings account non-bank custodian. The gross proceeds of the secondary are HealthEquity(HQY) are to fund the merger/ acquisition of WageWorks, Inc. (“WageWorks”).

We’d avoid bucket show HC Wainwright’s secondary on SenesTech for now. KalVista is a hedge fund investment, not the kind of insider action we like to follow.  $EQY $EYEN