November is done and it was one for the records, S&P 500 up 10.75%.  The stock market is now up over 12.10% not including dividends. It’s not official yet but it will be pretty darn close to it.  The Insiders Fund was up an astounding 42.96% in the month of November alone, and now up over 16% for the year before fees.  The last time we saw a month up 40% was October  2001 and ended the year up over 64.73%.  Stock picking and non-diversification helped greatly. Diversifying investments is prudent but at some point, you have to go back to what Warren Buffett said, “your 3rd, 4th, 5th best ideas are not likely as good as your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd best ideas”. Maybe he didn’t exactly say that but you’ve got the drift.   George Soros did say, “when you know you’re right, there is no such thing as betting too much”.  I know that-as I have it pinned up on the wall in front of my trading screens.