Insider Buying Week 04-19-24

We are deep in the blackout period when most companies prohibit insiders from trading in their stock prior to quarterly earnings. It's been ugly out there for the bulls.

An Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg from the Last Man on the Planet that Believes in Him

The death of Facebook, here to fore Meta is greatly overstated. It seems that bashing Facebook is the most popular pin in a writer's arsenal today. I'm downright sick of it.  And I'm taking the…

3rd Quarter 2020 Partner Letter

3rd Quarter 2020 Partner Letter This letter is our report card to our partners. We strongly encourage you to read it carefully as often the difference between success and failure in investing boils…

Hedge Fund Due Diligence

Read the following pdf report: Why are Hedge Funds Popular? Hedge Fund and Due Diligence Report

Code of Ethics

A. Code of Ethics All employees of HSAX must act in an ethical and professional manner. In view of the foregoing and applicable provisions of relevant law, HSAX has determined to adopt a Code of…