The death of Facebook, here to fore Meta is greatly overstated. It seems that bashing Facebook is the most popular pin in a writer’s arsenal today. I’m downright sick of it.  And I’m taking the plunge in share prices as an opportunity to buy, buy, and buy.  I”ve never owned Facebook before and I don’t expect a quick spring back unless Zuckerberg immediately reads this letter and acts on it. Like I said there won’t be a quick return to glory as there are just too many haters.

This is the Company whose goal is to connect the world. And nobody has done more of it than Zuck and his team. Number of Facebook users in the world (monthly active users): 2.910 billion (October 2021) Number of people who use Facebook each day (DAU): 1.930 billion (October 2021)

Bu the haters have been lining up for years and I’m just not sure why.  There is the Silicon Valley Mob that is probably just jealous behind all their sanctimonious fake efforts to protect the people from the riches they acquired by fawning all over tech.

Take Karen Swisher and her relentless bashing- Karen I don’t know where you gut snubbed along the way but a google search on your name and Facebook yields 700,000 results.  Honey, get over yourself. Your diatribe again on Facebook is just not that interesting.

Roger McNamee, I remember you from the squawk box at Bear Stearns where you were, maybe the only tech analyst. You sure springboarded that career into riches with Silver Lake Partners. McNamee, whose net worth is estimated at $1billion, set up a venture capital firm that invested $210 million in Facebook shares in 2009 and 2010.  Somewhere he had an epiphany guess it was on acid while playing in his rock band, that Facebook was evil. In fact, you wrote a dud of a book about it, Zucked. I bought it but you should have quit after one chapter. That was some poor writing, fella.

If you want to know what I really think is evil is all the money Silver Lake and your Evolution Partners are taking from investors by creating enormous valuations for pre-earnings tech companies which will end up failing for investors and the hard-working employees that gut suckered into the new tech collapse that is happening right now.

Facebook has had its stumble along the way. Who hasn’t it- but there haven’t been many, either.   The Government blocked them from going into the payment business and setting up its first crypto coin which I am sure David Marcus was bitterly disappointed by the heavy hand of the government.  That’s probably a blessing in disguise as there will be a crypto blow-up that may rival 2008.  Eventually, everyone will have a digital coin including the U.S. Government. Even Meta will be allowed to have their own. It will just probably end up being the currency of the metaverse, not bitcoin.

So Zuck you are a little too jeaoulous of your competitor’s success. He raced to crush Snap’s disappearing text but didn’t realize that the real reason GenZ liked Snap was that it wasn’t their parent’s Facebook.

Now TikTok has really gotten Mark’s ice-cooled blood into a boil. Even the great visionary didn’t see how TikTok and its viral twenty-second dirty dancing videos took the world by storm and now he has to crush this interloper. This time he is going to try to do it with “Reels” on Instagram. So what that might fail too.  Do you really even want to have this garbage on your platform. The only reason China hasn’t banned it already is they see it as an “intelligence operation”.  Again, Zuck, you don’t have to win at everything. Especially this.

  • Former TikTok employees say there is cause for concern when it comes to the popular social media app’s Chinese parent company.
  • They say ByteDance has access to TikTok’s American user data and is closely involved in the Los Angeles company’s decision-making and product development.
  • Some cybersecurity experts worry that the Chinese government could use TikTok to spread propaganda or censorship to American audience, or to exercise influence over users who may come to regret what they posted on the service. Instead they are just keeping us stupid- a very effective and powerful military advantage.

American’s don’t understand what is going on in the Chinese tech land and I don’t purport to have any knowledge from it that I haven’t learned from Charlie Munger, If you don’t know who that is you should probably stop reading now and go get yourself educated. Munger says you have to understand Confucious not just Mao.  If you’ve ever traveled to China and met students there, known Chinese students studying abroad here, or had a chance to look at global test scores, Chinese and Asian students leave their American cohorts in the dust.  Chinese Premier Xi sudden attacks on their own country on gaming and bitcoin are not the actions of a noncapitalist repression-minded dictator. Instead, these are the teachings of Confucious combined with a resurging dragon. Wasting time on stupid indulgent videos and video games is not creating the next generation of stem scientists in AI, medicine, quantum computing, green revolution, and military breakthroughs.  The dalliance of children needs to stop when they’re no longer children and move on as they mature.  Alas, China is all too happy to share TikTok in America.  Has anyone wondered with TikTok is banned in China?

Now for some advice, Mark.  Since everyone in the world seems to have a god-given right to give it to you, Here’s mine

  • I know you used to give a copy of Ready, Player, One to every new employee at Facebook. Maybe that’s a mistake. It’s a childish version of the meta sphere. Spielberg made it sufferable to consume. It really is for the mind of a 12-year-old male.
  • Have your run at TikTok but don’t take your eye off the ball of connecting people in the world. TikTok is garbage and I’m afraid you will ruin many bright-minded employees putting them on this futile task of beating TikTok.
  • Get rid of Messenger. You have the best messaging app in the world with What’s App. If anyone has ever traveled abroad they know What’s App is truly the glue that connects us all.  I daresay this is the most valuable app in the world and YOU own it. Charge for it. Build around it.
  • I have no idea if the Metaverse is a load of crap but I do know the transforming effect of some of your Oculus products when they take you to a place like a hut in Nepal-you could never go on your own.  Buy every mediation app that is worthwhile, make them VR,  and give them away for free with Oculus. This world is coming apart at the seams. We need help.
  • Part of the mess we’re in is education is pathetic in this country.  Start your own University or buy Coursera and combine it with Khan Academy and give it away for free and make it all VR. If we don’t start educating our children better we are doomed.  See if you can get Khan to run it for you. Get on your knees and beg him if you have to. He just might say yes.  Get this all fully accredited and free so we stop raising our children to be indebted serfs of the education system in this country.  This my friend is the metaverse the world is waiting for.
  • Last, I read you are giving away your wealth when you die anyway.  Start giving it away faster- you’re not getting any younger. Make these changes now to Facebook and you might just find you’ll have a lot more wealth to give.