HSAX & CO, LLC is an independent investment advisory firm based in Park City, UT.  Its managing member, Harvey Sax, has earned a national reputation for substantially outperforming the market in good times and bad.  He has served as Vice President and Senior Vice President at Bear Stearns, Inc, Paine Webber, D. Blech & Co., and Oppenheimer Co.

In addition to his financial acumen, Sax is recognized as a pioneer in the technology field.  He is responsible for creating one of the first publicly traded Internet companies, HomeCom Communications, Inc., and is also credited for creating the first web presence for numerous Fortune 1000 companies.  Having sat at most seats at the investment table, Mr. Sax’s view is uniquely shaped by his 360 perspective.  To learn more about  how you can invest along with Mr. Sax, click here.