Everyone is nervous about Europe.  Me too.  I have no way of knowing how much of this is already priced in the market.  You’d have to say a lot based on the violent reaction in the oil patch, some European markets but  I don’t see any positive outcome from this weekend vote in Greece.  If they vote to  keep the austerity demands in place, brief rally and the market will soon say the economy is just going to at best muddle along and at worse, be right back at the  bread line. On the other hand if they abandon austerity, there is likely to be some kind of Euro shock although it could be brief followed by a very sharp rally if Germany agrees to tighter fiscal ties.  From what I can gather the Germans are done with the Greeks and might be willing to be more cooperative with the ECB if they’re gone.  A lot of what ifs and no way for me to have any edge.  If it’s 2008 redux, there is one big difference.  It’s Summer not Fall.