I have often said the probability of the next crash lies greatest with computer glitches that cause investors to lose confidence in the pricing system, either by design by cyber-terrorists or computer glitches.  This story from FT reinforces this.

Multiple Nasdaq-listed stocks, including Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, saw their share price as displayed on multiple platforms drop or rise to exactly $123.47 on Monday.Amazon.com saw its share price drop 87.2 per cent, while shares in Apple fell 14.3 per cent on Nasdaq. But Microsoft’s stock had jumped 79.1 per cent, eBay had jumped 253.5 per cent and Zynga’s share price had leaped 3,292 per cent.Prices on Nasdaq’s official website appeared unaltered, however those shown on financial data services including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Google Finance did display the price changes to $123.47.

Source: Nasdaq stocks including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon see prices changed to $123.47