I have very flexible rules about work and participation in the Insiders Intern Analyst program. Still, one of them is non-negotiable, and I make that clear in the interview process. The main question I asked everyone in the intern interview process- is whether you will give it the time it deserves, not just for yourself but out of respect for my time and the time of our fellow interns.

If you can’t make a meeting, that’s understandable, but you should put forth and share work or insight of some kind to make up for your absence. it’s assumed you are familiar with the 10-point checklist. As you have ascertained by now, there is no such thing as a “perfect 10” by definition. For example, if every analyst loved Apple,  I would be the contrarian and think-“who would be left to buy it.”
As a scoring mechanism, this checklist fails, but as a process reminder, it’s a perfect 10.  I can assure you that every one of these ten research steps is vital in determining the truth of your analysis.  After all, we equity investors are nothing more than gamblers betting on the truth.